Adventures, Facing Fears, and DEEP CLEANING

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Hello Beautifuls!

It’s been a while since I wrote to you but it’s not because I haven’t been thinking of you. I have been nice and busy, and I finally have a moment here to catch you up on what has been happening with me on a personal level as well as a business level. I hope that you find it interesting and useful. So let’s get right into it.

– I went to Boise Idaho. 
This was important to me for several reasons. The first of which was to simply get away. I live in Santa Monica, California. It is lovely here, but it is crowded, and yes there is “no weather”. There is perfect and then there is less-perfect, with a couple days of chill in the 50’s. And while that is a great thing it can also drive one a little batty.

I wanted to see some actual weather. I wanted to see autumn leaves and I wanted to be some place that was not so crowded (yet), so I headed to Boise. Which I loved.

There was great food, great coffee, and great beer everywhere. They have a clean and safe downtown. And they had lots of autumn leaves. I was delighted to see all the colors. I drove around town just looking for trees to take pictures of. (What a nerd.) Below are some of the nicer ones.

I also drove to the top of Boise National Forest and went in some hot springs. They were pouring out of the mountain and into the river below. The hot springs created a waterfall of hot water in a pool by the river. And yes I went in. Did I mention it was 34 degrees Fahrenheit outside? But it was so perfectly warm inside.

I mention all of this to inspire you to go on an adventure. Go do something you have thought about doing. Just fucking do it! Explore your world. Plan a trip. Treat yourself. It doensn’thave to be crazy expensive or even very far away. Just do something you have wanted to do. Go somewhere you have wanted to go and allow yourself to be surprised, allow yourself the chance to get lost. Do something new. Get outside your comfort zone and something you have always wanted to do. You deserve it.

And speaking of doing things outside of your comfort zone…

– I completed a course to get my real estate license in California.
I have yet to take the actual licensing test, but I have passed all the courses that lead up to the test.

You see I was also in Boise looking for investment properties. I have wanted to get into real estate for a while now, but I always seemed to find a reason to not do it.

Perhaps I was just making excuses. Perhaps the thought of giant real estate contracts and going into massive debt so I could make passive money scared the hell out of me. And maybe, just maybe, I had a limiting belief about myself and my ability to successfully navigate the world of finance and lenders and taxes and legalese.

I would hear words like “amortization” or “adjustable rate mortgage” and my eyes would just glaze over. Which pissed me off for a long time, because I know I am smart enough to understand how to buy and sell real estate, but I somehow whenever it came time to actually think about it for real my brain would turn to mush.

Until… I had finally had enough. I had finally had enough of watching markets rise without me. I was tired of thinking I just couldn’t sort out all the contracts and “hassles” it takes to make good money in real estate. So I decided to study to get my real estate license, dammit!

I may or may not actually get my license, I am not looking to become a real estate agent (yet), but I studied and passed 3 months of classes to qualify to take the test. I spent months learning all the things that used to scare me, and some things I never even knew might scare me. (Basically it was like someone who was afraid of heights learning to fly.)

It was not always easy, but I did it. I wanted to give up on many occasions, but I pushed through. Like I said I don’t necessarily even want to be a real estate agent. But I did want to face my fears and I did want know what the hell people were talking about when it came to buying property.

I persevered because I wanted to reach my goal. I wanted to prove to myself that I could take my own medicine and get out of my comfort zone. And I did it. I faced my fear and I feel great about it.

So I would like to take this time right now to ask you: In what ways could you get out of your comfort zone? What could you do that you have always wanted to do? What could you do that would prove that you are moving towards your ultimate goal? What are you doing to grow?

And finally, the last thing I have been up to for the last couple weeks was…

– I re-did my apartment.
What does that mean? Well, that means I decided to personally repaint my apartment. (It had been a long time since I painted.) And what that entailed was not only moving all of my things from one side of the room to the other, cleaning everything (including the walls), painting the walls, and then moving everything back again; it also meant that I had a perfect chance to clean everything in my home and get rid of a bunch of stuff.

I don’t have a lot of stuff to begin with but after years and years things tend to add up. Too many unread books, clothes I wasn’t wearing, old fading art on the walls, and little chachkies on every shelf. You know how it is.

So, over a period of two weeks I put my hands on every item in my place and I decided if it would stay or go. If it stayed it meant it was especially beautiful or meaningful or useful or fun. If I got rid of anything it meant that I got the pleasure of donating my unused clothes and unread books to people who would use and appreciate them. It is the proverbial win/win.

As it is now I am 95% of the way through revamping my place. There is a fresh coat of paint, lots of negative space on the walls and shelves, and everything is clean as a whistle (including under my stove!)

I also took this opportunity to upgrade some things. I am sitting at my new desk and typing this looking at my new computer monitor. I restrung my guitar and I bought some vibrant new houseplants which I LOVE.

I have always been someone who enjoys a good clean. I do smaller versions of this a couple times a year, but this DEEP CLEAN and revitalization feels so dam good! It is so cathartic! It is such a great metaphor for everything I am and everything I help my clients do. Namely, to CLEAN HOUSE.

So I ask you, what do you need to deeply clean? What old junk is taking up space in your mind and life? What can you get rid of in a healthy way that will make room for the new you to grow and bloom?

And I am not just talking about cleaning your house. I am talking about cleaning the place you actually live in… your head!

I can help you clean out the ol’ attic. I can help you get rid of old ways of thinking and being. I can help you remodel and revitalize your entire life. For reals. You want a piece of this action? Then reach out, cus I am here for you. I am grateful for your presence in my life and I am so excited to be of service to you all in the coming months.

With Pleasure,

Fuck New Year’s resolutions. You do not have to wait to change. You do not need a calendar to tell you when it is time to be the new you. Choose to change now. I gotcha. And I guarantee it!

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