Hypnosis for Business Can Help You

Hypnosis for business can help you…

  • Increase your income:  By gaining control of the outcomes your actions produce, you will increase your income. When you no longer unknowingly sabotage yourself, and you’re clear about what your goals are, you are free to make the money you deserve.
  • Advance in Your Career: Through hypnosis, you can clearly communicate with your unconscious mind and give it directions that will breakthrough the barriers to your success so you can advance your career. When you communicate clearly with yourself, you are more able to communicate with others and be the strong and respected leader you know you can be.
  • Have More Creativity: Through hypnosis, you will be more creative and able to do more with less. As you get back in touch with your body, it will begin to release your tension. As you pay attention to your mind, you will find that you are better equipped to handle stress.
  • Be more efficient and productive: One of the best parts about hypnosis is that it allows you to choose how you react to things that used to trigger you or “make” you feel upset. And when you are no longer spending energy dealing with suppressing your feelings, you have more energy to be productive.

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It was revelatory how some simple exercises can help me significantly increase the quality and joyfulness of my emotional states within a short period of time, and I decided to build systems for doing them regularly. I’ve also recalibrated my assessment of what’s essential in my next steps for my business, and now have a healthier set of action-based targets specified in my roadmap."

– Anne C

The help he gave me in a single session is still something I call on now. At the time I had just started my business and was feeling overwhelmed. Morgan was able to help me frame it properly in my head so I could take advantage of the opportunity instead of shying away from it.

– Matt R

Morgan is great at "weeding out your mental garden". Overall, he helped shift my perspective on what is going on. He definitely knows how to deal with top performers.

- Matthew F

He really broke down the challenges I faced in my personal and business life. He helped me see myself as I was and provided a simple framework that is effective and almost effortless to make into a habit. He digs deep and tracks things to help identify things that are big even if we don't realize they are big. If any of you are thinking of working with him, don't hesitate - sign up. You will definitely see huge value.

- Vikram A

After working with Morgan, I've started feeling a sense of enjoyment not only in my work, but also the little things/wins in my personal life since I cherish all these moments as wonderful experiences.

- Mohammed S

Getting aligned on an emotional/physiological level is HUGE for productivity and having a high level of consistent motivation.

- Jack P

I've been hard on myself for the longest time about my freelance+consulting business. And it got in the way of my productivity. I started to feel like I'm not cut out for this. It felt like I lost the confidence I once had. Once Morgan heard all the crazy self-doubts I had and negative self-talk...he helped me realize all the negative things I “thought” was not actually reality. It's exactly what I needed!

- Allison C

I had been “stuck” and wanted some general support for business related stress and frame works. After the first session I started to see some immediate mental shifts on how and what I was thinking about on a daily basis. He helped me realize that my inner critic was on over drive stuck in a loop and how that was against me instead of with me. The way he helps you define what I thought was internal negative energy was key.

- Brent B

I worked with Morgan to address an unfortunate habit I had of starting to write books but not finishing them. He helped me realign my self-perception as “someone who doesn’t finish things.” Since then, I’ve completed four novels and two novellas, which has been a huge boost to my confidence as a writer.

– Sarah B

Morgan immediately recognized what I needed to do to balance my busy work life. He helped me create morning and evening routines that prepare me to dominate at work during the day and reset afterward, and helped me introduce techniques to create solid boundaries between when I'm in work mode and when I'm relaxing. I feel much less driven by fear of failure and much more driven by wanting to see how much I can achieve.

- Michael S

When Morgan and I first spoke, I was overwhelmed and unmotivated. Much of my time was spent jumping from deadline to deadline never really focusing on those items I cared about. Our conversation started a shift in my mindset and thinking that has allowed me to truly enjoy life again. I'm no longer waiting until something is due, but am consciously choosing those items I want to work on, and complete!

- Skye C

Morgan's session was able to help me become more organized and focused so I
could complete the large number of tasks I have on my list. He allowed me to
clear space and remove distractions And that allows me to get stuff done
quickly and easily. It's easier for me to accomplish my goals now and I feel
less stressed over getting things done. Our session was definitely helpful
and allows me to be focused and clear in accomplishing my goals.

- Rocky L

I live a very full life without feeling stressed. I’m determined, driven and disciplined in achieving my goals. I have gotten more done in the 7 months I have worked with Morgan than I got done in the last 3-4 years at least. My life is an inspiration to others. And my business will launch in a couple of months time and I feel very excited about it.

- Charlotte M