Lose Weight

Hypnosis is very powerful when it comes to changing habits. Often, excess weight is due to the combination of bad habits that result in

  • too much food
  • not enough exercise

Sometimes people eat poorly merely out of habit. They are just used to eating unhealthy food. Or sometimes people eat poorly because of emotional stress.

Sometimes when people don’t exercise it is because they are

  • procrastinating to do what must be done
  • unmotivated to live in optimal health
  • limiting beliefs about who they are or who they deserve to be

Whatever your eating and moving habits are they can be changed quickly and effectively with hypnosis. When you get to the root cause of the unhealthy behaviors and you change them to healthy behaviors the weight will just come right off as a direct result of your identity shift to being a healthy person.

You can do this!

You deserve this!

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It turned out a lot of the changes I needed to make were internal shifts. Coaching with Morgan has helped me be able to commit to my choices, to my health and to showing up for my life. I’m proud of big accomplishments like losing weight, starting to cook for myself, dropping a diet coke habit, and trusting in myself. And I’m most proud of the increased confidence that I’ve gained from doing these things, which continues to boost me forwards towards my new goals.

- Amy G

He helped me get over a very challenging relationship, release past trauma, change beliefs and habits that lead me upping my physical performance and losing 10lbs of body fat in a couple of months. Pretty sweet!

- Karenina J

The primary issue that I contacted Morgan for, was my unhealthy relationship with food. I felt like I had no control over my emotions and it was not in my power.
We started working on this and had a breakthrough session of over 6 hours In that session, we went so much deeper than food alone.

- Els D

Morgan took me through a guided visualization that uncovered a core belief that I must have put in place as a child. It was based on a child’s misunderstanding of the world and it was seriously limiting some of my actions, decisions, and expectations. Since that one session with Morgan, I’ve lost weight (I think that core belief was causing me to “hang on” to food), increased my income, and found a new level of peace in my relationships, including with myself.

- Kirsten E

I had lost 20 pounds but my weight loss had stalled for the last two months before I met Morgan, and I still had around 30 pounds to lose. I had solved the urgent problem of losing enough weight to get rid of my pre-diabetes but not enough to be healthy. Everyday, I would make choices that I knew were wrong, such as eating a lot of pasta, and this was stopping me from reaching my target. Morgan took the time to figure out what was stopping me from fully committing. And he even helped me stop eating pasta. I went to a restaurant straight after my sessions with Morgan, and I felt like throwing up when I saw pasta dishes on the menu and my eyes could not fully “see” them listed. I have lost the additional 30 pounds that I wanted to lose. I’m in better shape than I have been for a decade (at least). I’m significantly healthier. And I still don’t eat pasta, but I can now at least see it on the menu without feeling sick.

- Charlotte M