Written Testimonials

“After just two back-to-back sessions with Morgan, I experienced a breakthrough I never expected. Four months later, I’m still reaping the benefits of those sessions, and am achieving goals I never thought were attainable. I’m a convert to both the process and to Morgan’s incredible gifts.”

Robert Edwards, Administrator

Morgan immediately recognized what I needed to do to balance my busy work life. He helped me create morning and evening routines that prepare me to dominate at work during the day and reset afterward, and helped me introduce techniques to create solid boundaries between when I’m in work mode and when I’m relaxing. One of the biggest realizations Morgan brought me to was that I needed to consciously acknowledge and be grateful for all of the things my unconscious mind and my body do for me on a daily basis. By introducing deliberate gratitude in my life, I feel much less driven by fear of failure and much more driven by wanting to see how much I can achieve.

Michael, Software Engineer

I came to Morgan because the self-critical voice in my head was undermining me at work, which particularly impacted my ability to market and grow my practice (I’m self-employed). In the past I’ve tried various tactics/treatments/strategies to overcome this obstacle, with little to no success. In just 2 sessions, along with some simple homework assignments, Morgan has really turned things around for me. My confidence, and my belief in my abilities, is no longer being undermined. For the first time, I feel truly comfortable in explaining to clients the benefits they can receive from my work, and recommending a treatment program. The result was an immediate increase in clients rebooking. Now, instead of wasting time fighting off self-doubt, I can focus my energy on further developing my practice and helping more people. Plus it feels quite good to be more at peace with myself.

John B, Bodyworker

“For most my life I have been struggling with the fear of drowning. When I was little I almost drowned in the ocean. Since then I have always wanted to enjoy playing in the pool with other kids, but my phobia for the deep water kept me from feeling safe in the water. All that changed today. Morgan helped me to release this awful anxiety filled memory out of my body. I felt a lot of energy moving through and out of my body as he was working on me. It only took about 30 minutes of conversation and guided imagery and 33 years of fear was gone. Then just to prove it, we took a walk to the ocean to see if it really worked. I was shocked to find myself diving under the really big waves, and noticing myself quite deep in the ocean. I swam so far out I was barely able to touch the bottom with my feet. My envy of others has gone, and in turn I feel free to float and swim in the water. A childhood dream finally realized at age 36! I highly recommend Morgan. If anything is stopping you in your life, reach out. You won’t regret it.”

Marlize J, Yoga Instructor

“Morgan gets right to the kernel of an issue. With his guidance I was able to discover that the love I had been raised with was couched in fear. Talk about liberating revelations! Morgan creates an atmosphere of safety and honesty. His direction is simple to follow and his focus is like a laser beam. I left our session feeling exhilarated about my discovery feeling as though we had removed a huge weight from my shoulders and a reunion with my own sense of empowerment.
Thank you Morgan!”

Enrica, Body Worker

“Morgan has helped me visualize a brighter future. He teaches you to replace the Fear pictures in your mind with Positive pictures. It sounds very new-agey but in practice it actually works. Thinking positive about yourself and the world around you makes quite a difference. Morgan really helped me with that. And because of the positive outlook, I have become more motivated to do the things I enjoy and are healthy for me. I highly recommend Morgan!”

Rico P, Graphic designer

“Previous to working with Morgan I incessantly bit my nails whenever I felt stressed. I tried to stop on my own multiple times but I found that whenever I was put under stress I went back to biting them. I did one very brief session with Morgan that focused not solely on my desire to stop biting my nails but focused on where I wanted to go in the grander scheme of things. Morgan helped me associate kicking my habit with going where I wanted to go and it has now been a year since I last bit my nails. I’ve also been able to deal with stressful situations in a healthier way.”

Walker L, Musician

“I decided to work with Morgan because of his straight forward, assertive approach. I have had other coaches in the past who have been more like therapists, and while that was good at the time, I needed someone with more drive and direction.

I went through a rough period in the months leading up to my breakthrough session, and it culminated in a traumatic event just two days prior. The breakthrough session at the beginning of March 2015 helped me quickly process in a matter of days, what other people would have spent a year to recover from.
The work we did reconnected me to my strengths, resources and my true identity, leaving behind the trauma and driving me forward. I was back on my feet and back working on my business in record time.

Not only that, but because I had processed everything so quickly, and was so clear that I could smell opportunity miles away, I met the man of my dreams just 3.5 weeks later!
The baggage that was released during the breakthrough session allowed me to enter into the healthiest and most fulfilling relationship of my life! I am now making more money in my business, working less and looking forward to a rich and successful life with my man!”

Karenina Jahnigen, Performance Psychology Coach

“After working with Morgan for just two sessions, I can honestly say I was shifted into a more positive outlook on my emotional situation. I got to a place where I could easily change my thoughts and feelings about my problem, instead of being stuck in an emotional tape loop of unproductive thoughts and feelings. Morgan is very focused, and adapts the session easily as new information arises. It’s obvious that Morgan cares deeply about helping his client resolve the issue at hand, and I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends and clients.”

Dr. Eve Rockafellow, Naturopath

I was stressed out, overweight, in pain, and knee-deep in the trenches at a job that was killing me when I met Morgan. I was right at the beginning of a major life transition and knew I needed help developing healthier habits so that I wouldn’t completely fall apart in the process. There were several ways that my life changed as a result of my coaching with Morgan.

Early in our coaching relationship I had a mindset shift that helped me go from rarely eating home prepared foods to preparing my food at home 5 nights a week for the past 3 months consistently now. The benefits from that one insight continue to manifest themselves. So far I’ve seen weight loss of 20lbs (and counting), getting back into old clothes allowing me to stop spending more and more on newer ones that fit, saving hundreds of dollars a week on eating out, feeling so much energy every day….I could go on and on. Amazingly, that’s not the only major breakthrough I had in the 4 months that I received coaching with Morgan.

I had been experiencing intermittent but increasingly more frequent pain in my feet, knees, and hip joints for over 2 years. In one session, Morgan took me through some visualizations that made me understand that the pain I was experiencing were not caused by injuries or anything irreversible. Based on knowing my mom’s history of arthritis, I had assumed that it was just bound to happen to me as well. However, when I overcame that limiting belief, I was able to change the way I used my body which has led to my being virtually pain free after years of chronic pain.

These are just a few of the ways that coaching with Morgan impacted my life and they continue to pay off. If you want to deal with problems and have them solved permanently, I highly recommend coaching with Morgan Bennett.

Reshanda, Teacher