Overcoming Fears/Phobias

Do you have a fear of flying, or heights, or public speaking? Does just the thought of snakes or spiders freak you out? Is there some fear or phobia that is keeping you from living your life on your own terms?

Hypnosis is an incredibly fast and easy way to take your life back from fears and phobias. Very often these negative reactions to external stimuli can be “cured” in one session.

When you address the fear/phobia at thee root cause and deal with it in a way that honors the unconscious mind you can make deep lasting changes at the speed of a thought.

One powerful example of this is a woman I worked with who was afraid of water since she almost drowned when she was 3. She traveled the world and went to all sorts of beautiful tropical retreat centers for her work as a yoga instructor, but she was unable to get in the ocean and fully enjoy herself in these earthly paradises. She and I had one session and since we live near the beach I asked her to wear her bathing suit under her clothes. We went straight from our session to the beach and she was able to dive right in and get her head under the water and swim around. (and the waves were big that day!)

This is the kind of result that inspires me to use my skill to help people live the life of their dreams. So please whether you are afraid of water, or public speaking, or cats, or condiments (yes, I have worked with that) you can be free to be who you want to be!


Morgan helped me go “behind the scenes” of social anxiety and re-wire my attitude about social events. Since then, I’ve felt noticeably more relaxed/less defensive in social situations.

– Sarah B

In my session with Morgan, we dug deep into past to retrieve some previously negative (now empowering) experiences with heights. The quick version of it -- Morgan worked his hypnosis magic and allowed me to relive a different version of my past and a new set of emotions to go along with it. I took something I thought I would be chained to for the rest of my life, and replaced it with something more useful. Thanks to Morgan, I am forever elevated, capable of reaching things that were once out of reach.

- Kevin S

Being able to drive a car meant being in charge of my own destination, in more ways than just the literal one. Succeeding in this thing that I deemed impossible, made me think of all the other things I once thought impossible. Because I gained incredible momentum, some things I hadn't even noticed were holding me back, were super clear now.

- Els D

For most my life I have been struggling with the fear of drowning. All that changed today. Morgan helped me to release this awful anxiety filled memory out of my body. I felt a lot of energy moving through and out of my body as he was working on me. It only took about 30 minutes of conversation and guided imagery and 33 years of fear was gone. Then just to prove it, we took a walk to the ocean to see if it really worked. I was shocked to find myself diving under the really big waves, and noticing myself quite deep in the ocean. I feel free to float and swim in the water. A childhood dream finally realized at age 36! I highly recommend Morgan. If anything is stopping you in your life, reach out. You won’t regret it.

- Marlize J