Personal Growth

Hypnosis for personal growth can help you…

  • Adjust your attitude. You must change the way you see the world to change the world you see. With hypnosis you can retrain your brain to see beauty everywhere and feel deep pleasure as an act of will.
  • Be who you want to be! Because when you become the cause of your life and have taken responsibility for your ability to respond you are free to be uniquely you.
  • Explore new aspects of yourself: Even more than that, you can explore new and exciting aspects of yourself that you have either denied or have yet to imagine.
  • Have More Energy: And since you aren’t lugging around all that “baggage” anymore you will have more vital energy to exercise your right to vibrant health.

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Working with Morgan has been the best thing I have ever done. I have worked with at least 3 psychologist, another 2 coaches and numerous other professionals in my life and none of them have ever helped me achieve so much positive change in my life as Morgan has.

- Charlotte M

Morgan helped me truly understand that I am my own medicine. He taught me how to redirect my negative thoughts to create constructive habits, becoming impeccable with my language internally and externally. Through his coaching, I connect deeper with my body, understanding how to make decisions that are truly in my best interest. I've become more intuitive, eliminated my cravings, make confident decisions efficiently, accomplish tasks I didn't believe I was capable of, and handle obstacles with significantly less stress and way more gratitude.

- Nena W

I was able to jettison old wounds, learn tools to banish negative thinking, & how to reframe things. Along the way I discovered a whole world of new possibilities for myself. The last session I did was one of the most life-changing things I’ve ever done for myself. If you are "stuck" or find old patterns are holding you back, I highly recommend Morgan.

– Sandra M

I consider myself to be a moderately self-aware person, at least aware of many of the flaws and cracks in the whole, even if I couldn't quite repair them myself. Until talking to Morgan I didn't even know you could do anything about that stuff. While talking to him I was able to connect to my subconscious mind in a way that allowed me to do a whole lot of healing and just 'get out of my own way'.

- Emily M

I had always thought there was a part of me that I always need to tame, to confront, to put in place; Morgan shifted and turned around that perspective with his words, working with me to replace that imagery in my head: From fear to love, from a struggle to an opportunity to embrace, from a feeling of doubt to joy and certainty of the future.

- Nurhidayati A

If I'm honest, I don't even recognize the person I was just a few months ago. I'm not looking back, I'm only thinking of the future projects I want to accomplish.

- Els D

After working with Morgan for just two sessions, I can honestly say I was shifted into a more positive outlook on my emotional situation. I got to a place where I could easily change my thoughts and feelings about my problem, instead of being stuck in an emotional tape loop of unproductive thoughts and feelings.

- Eve R

Morgan gets right to the kernel of an issue. With his guidance I was able to discover that the love I had been raised with was couched in fear. Talk about liberating revelations! Morgan creates an atmosphere of safety and honesty. His direction is simple to follow and his focus is like a laser beam. I left our session feeling exhilarated about my discovery feeling as though we had removed a huge weight from my shoulders and a reunion with my own sense of empowerment.

- Enrica S

Morgan has helped me visualize a brighter future. He teaches you to replace the Fear pictures in your mind with Positive pictures. It sounds very new-agey but in practice it actually works. Thinking positive about yourself and the world around you makes quite a difference. Morgan really helped me with that. And because of the positive outlook, I have become more motivated to do the things I enjoy and are healthy for me. I highly recommend Morgan.

- Rico P